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Every day life, everyone knows silicone tubes in transport. Everyday life. Medical. Machinery. Airlines and other industries are very important role, each industry of silicone tube is its relevant characteristics and advantages, but sometimes the application will appear in the taste, what is going on?

Silicone tube with taste is all normal, but for some silicone tube can not have taste, then this silicone tube should use what raw materials to control the production of silicone tube without taste?

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1. The use of EPDM is very simple, but must be genuine rubber, the best is the metal method, ENB content is about 9.

2. interworking choice is crucial to the success or not, need to pay attention to the carbon black, this is generally ignored by others, low quality carbon black biomolecular hydride residue is too much, which is certainly not good news for the taste.

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3. Vulcanized rubber management system, the amount of vulcanization accelerator and vulcanization accelerator is too fast on the best ultra-low temperature long sulfur. The level of cross-linking of chemicals must allow the reaction of the accelerator system to be thorough. Some of the vulcanization accelerators containing flavor cannot be used in and out, can use /STT/D and use, soft slip agent can use white petroleum jelly, slightly less flavor.

4. Whether it is vulcanized rubber vulcanized rubber, or chloroprene management system, secondary vulcanized rubber are suitable for the use of secondary vulcanized rubber, in order to facilitate its deodorization.

The above four points are how to remove and that is to avoid the taste caused by silicone tube.