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Butterfly valve is a kind of 90 degree switch valve, driven by the stem of the disc plate rotation, widely used in food, medicine, chemical and other net pipeline and industrial environmental protection, water treatment, high-rise buildings, water supply and drainage pipeline for opening and closing or regulating the flow of media. In the process of continuous research and development, butterfly valves also have many kinds of classification are used in different working conditions. Butterfly valve can be divided into hard seal butterfly valve and soft seal butterfly valve according to the sealing form, soft seal butterfly valve is basically used for water treatment, weak acid and alkaline media, low temperature and low pressure places. Hard seal butterfly valve can be used in high temperature and high pressure places. Suitable materials can be selected according to different media properties.

Three eccentric metal hard seal butterfly valve uses a resilient stainless steel seal ring installed on the valve body to achieve true zero leakage, generally used in high temperature and media with particles and other special working conditions of the occasion.

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Three eccentric metal hard seal butterfly valve features.

1、Seal may be adjusted, 100,000 times life without leakage:.

2、Special sealing structure, in high temperature and cold working condition, sealing without stress deformation, to achieve zero leakage.

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3, three-dimensional eccentric structure, opening the seal that is separated, close the contact that is sealed.

4, axial positioning device, to solve the problem of axial sealing surface wear prone to leakage, the transmission actuator can be installed in any direction.