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Installation precautions:

1、When installing the fluorine lined butterfly valve, make sure that the valve logo is consistent with the instructions for use, and that the flow direction indication on the valve body is consistent with the pipeline media flow direction.

2, as far as possible to achieve horizontal installation, the valve stem facing up. Avoid tilting the valve so that the valve is installed in its natural state to avoid large stresses on the valve due to piping, carrier support, etc.

3, if the valve ends of the fluorine plastic material sealing surface connected to the pipe flange is metal, you need to add fluorine plastic material sealing gasket.

4、If the pipeline can adequately bear the weight of the valve and the torque generated during operation, the valve is not supported, and vice versa, a special support point should be set.

5、After the installation of fluorine lined butterfly valve, it must be pressure tested in the system or pipeline in the fully open state.

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Precautions for use:

1、Use in accordance with the temperature, pressure and applicable media range specified in the manual.

2、When using the butterfly valve to avoid the pipeline stress due to the temperature difference, try to reduce the temperature change, before and after the butterfly valve plus the "U" shaped expansion joint.

3, prohibit the use of lever opening and closing fluorine lined butterfly valve, pay attention to the butterfly valve opening and closing indication position and installation device, after opening and closing in place, do not apply external force to close, to prevent damage to the sealing surface too quickly.

4, in the valve selection, should consider the unstable, easy to decompose the media caused by changes in working conditions, should choose the valve with automatic pressure relief configuration.

5, corrosive media pipeline, do not allow the replacement of packing under pressure.

6, there is a spontaneous combustion media pipeline, to ensure that the environment and working temperature is lower than the spontaneous combustion point of the medium.

7, long-term severe vibration on the pipeline, to avoid vibration wear resulting in damage to the seal.

8, fluorine lined butterfly valve in the process of use, fluorine plastic because of soft texture, often due to granular, crystalline, high-speed media will be premature damage to the sealing surface, resulting in sealing leakage, to timely inspection and repair replacement seals.

9, fluorine lined butterfly valve flange without gasket. If you encounter flange leakage, you can evenly tighten the bolts connecting the flange to eliminate leakage. If the sealing surface of the flange is damaged, repair the sealing surface and increase the flange gasket.

10、If the handle rotation is not flexible and cannot be opened and closed, the gland bolts can be properly screwed loosely. The rotation is still not flexible. It may be the valve gland is skewed, to adjust the gland.